The FairTax Game!
Now you can learn what some politicians in Washington are trying to keep from you! Here's a simple, interactive way for all to experience and understand the "Fun"damentals of the FairTax plan (as well as the 9-9-9 plan) and what each will do for America and its economy.  

And YES, it's made in the U.S.A.!



Instead of "convincing" your friends, family, or others on the value the FairTax will have, this enjoyable board game will also educate and bring an understanding to this grassroots movement. We also recommend you to try these miniclip games and doctor-games at our partner's site where you can find lots of flash games. And our dear girls will love candy crush game., the driving force behind legislative bill HR 25 will receive 5% of all games purchased online. This will further assist the organization with its media campaign to inform and educate America. Not only will you be contributing to the cause, you'll have fun learning about the Fairtax.

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